Child of God



Cries of anguish long and deep

awake the dreamer from her sleep

shadows cast a bitter glare

a pain that crushes skin so fair

Violence stands a crown of thorn

before the day that she was born

the love that binds no longer strong

twisted, broken, shattered, gone

the comfort of the place we live

the value of the life we give

is taken by the things we hate

beaten down, help comes too late

innocence is somehow lost

the child inside will pay the cost

here she drowns in blood and tears

but is not broken by her fears

like tapestry they’re woven in

the day she fights to live and then

a light at last upon her face

As God shines down His holy grace

Sin abounds in homes of glass

like beggars taking out the trash

something born from sudden grief

something glimmers ever brief

it grows and reaches far and wide

the enemy of hope has died

God does not let go it seems

He calls us back to childhood dreams

Before the darkness fell so hardimages-1

before the terror in the dark

He sparks a flame and we begin

to reach for life, to live for Him.



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