I Am


The steps that I take

The things that I make

The places I go

The good things I know

The task I complete

The people I meet

The town where I live

The good things I give

The job well done

The games I’ve won

The stories I tell

The things I do well

The road to success

The way that I dress

The money I earn

The new things I learn

The list that goes on

All right and no wrong

No sin to be seen

My life is a dream


Until it is not

And then I am caught

My pants falling down

A stumbling clown

My pride’s left the gate

And now it’s too late

To stop the mad race

To hide my disgrace

The smile that I fake

The good things I take

The things I don’t show

The stuff I don’t know

The task left undone

The people who run

The place I don’t live

The things I don’t give

The job I can’t do

The lines that aren’t true

The times that I fell

The things I can’t tell

The road to nowhere

The days I don’t care

The money I burn

The things I don’t learn

The list that goes on

No right and all wrong

The sin that you see

The girl who’s not me


The day that I chase

God’s saving grace

A heart finally free

His child I will be

The things that He’s done

The victory He’s won

The life that He gave

To conquer the grave

The peace from above

A God who is love

A life lived for thee

Is not about me…


New Creation


You calmed the sea

and the heart in me

No striving or strain

No worry or pain


You showed me the way

In your name I pray

No fury or rage

No war left to wage


Your love is a light

In you I’m made right

No guilt, greed or shame

No hatred or blame


You are the I am,

in you all began

No ego or pride

No falsehood or lies


The giver of life,

the shepherd who loves

The father, the friend,

The savior of men


Come Alive


Do not contain it

Do not hold it in

Do not hold it back

Do not restrain it


What is in you now

Is more than you know

The more you let go

The more it will grow


You are filled by Him

You are fed by Him

You are blessed by Him

You were made by Him


He calls you by name

He ordained your days

He lived life for you

Then He died for you


Redeemed He forgave

All that is behind

All that is to come

Set free for freedom


Child of God stand up

Daughter of the King

Live loved by the Lord

You were made for more



Siren’s Song

Venus-godnessMemory a song that plays

Whispers love through time and space

Like a dream that never ends

The mind forgets, she pretends

Words like whispers, hard to hear

Echo waves of roaring fear


A dance that will not forget

Tangled pieces of regret

Her will has not been her own,

Moved by destiny alone

She leaves behind what was lost,

She’ll not stop to count the cost


Melody drowns out the day,

On the wind, carried away

Shifting rythmes change her view

She listens to something new

Composition from the deep,

Wake the dreamer from her sleep


Distant drumming in her head

Moves her closer to the edge

One more step and she will fly

Far away from earth and sky

Into something new and bold,

Story she has never told


Listen to her sirens song,

She was singing all along

Her voice breaks the silent night,

Leads the lost into the light

Promise that she never claimed,

Remnant of her hidden shame


A new day like breaking dawn,

Making right what once was wrong

Growing with a steady beat

Victory replace defeat

She is morning shining bright

She is hope and endless light
















This, the place I dare not go

This,  the face I dare not show

Here in the dark I’m torn apart

Here at the end my broken heart

This, the place I called my home

This, the place I first was known

Here is pain  and nothing more

Help me God to close this door

Give me strength to turn and leave

Give me strength to finally grieve

Hate must not be my final act

Keep me God from looking back

Lead me forward by your grace

Lead me to a better place

I give to you what I held dear

I turn to You and turn from fear

Jehova Rapha, God who heals

Lies and shame the Truth reveals

Death it steals the things we love

But help will come from God above

I am yours I love you still

Life obeys your sovereign will

Here is where I learn to trust

Here I see God good and just

I put to rest my former life

I surrender grief and strife

For You are love, good and true

You redeem the things we do

You make right was seems so wrong

When I am weak You are strong

This, the place I will begin

At the Cross new life in Him.














I died a thousand deaths

In pieces I fell down

Torn apart and broken

A king without a crown


The treasures buried deep

Once rained upon my head

But all that I did seek

Is buried now and dead


The past a bitter pill

Swallowed like regret

Shame that haunts the night

Guilt that won’t forget


The battle never won

the fight that rages still

a peace that hides away

the victim of my will


A violent rain that fell

I turned my face away

The memory repeats

The words I could not say.


Lord When will I be free

Once and for all be done

To lay it down at last

This race I should not run


 You are the light of dawn

The whisper on the wind

You are the waters edge

The beginning and the end


 I lived a beggar’s life

Turned away from grace

Now I will reach for you

And seek your holy face


Where I go you stand

A shepherd on the hill

My life is in your hands

I surrender to your will.








Child of God



Cries of anguish long and deep

awake the dreamer from her sleep

shadows cast a bitter glare

a pain that crushes skin so fair

Violence stands a crown of thorn

before the day that she was born

the love that binds no longer strong

twisted, broken, shattered, gone

the comfort of the place we live

the value of the life we give

is taken by the things we hate

beaten down, help comes too late

innocence is somehow lost

the child inside will pay the cost

here she drowns in blood and tears

but is not broken by her fears

like tapestry they’re woven in

the day she fights to live and then

a light at last upon her face

As God shines down His holy grace

Sin abounds in homes of glass

like beggars taking out the trash

something born from sudden grief

something glimmers ever brief

it grows and reaches far and wide

the enemy of hope has died

God does not let go it seems

He calls us back to childhood dreams

Before the darkness fell so hardimages-1

before the terror in the dark

He sparks a flame and we begin

to reach for life, to live for Him.



A Writer’s Prayer

I need to write something but I can’t flesh it out. It’s sitting there behind a landslide of pressure and expectation. Why is it so hard to get to? Words are a river ever flowing, moving too quickly to the sea, slipping through my desperate grasp; I need a reservoir, waiting, ever full.

Release me from this tomb of silent sludge,oh God. Fill me with Holy inspiration and artful expression. I am but a child in a world I do not understand, I cry out to you for my every need. You alone can fill this empty place.

Make me a servant of your will. Take away my plans and troubled intentions. Free me from the prison of my own agenda Father! You are the breath of life; I struggle apart from you. Turn my trial into triumph, oh God.

Your will be done on this writer’s page, for your glory alone, amen.

Thy Kingdom Come


Thru the dark a steady drum

A distant low resounding hum

Knowledge buried in the deep

Awake the dreamer from her sleep

Ancient words like music ring

Soothes a soul that’s suffering


Something lost can still be found

Seek the path on hallowed ground

Kingdom come as she cries out

Faith replace a heart of doubt

Give to God what He forgave

In the light will stand the brave


Hallowed be the Holy name

That covers sin and hidden shame

Surrender ends in victory

The lame will walk the blind will see

A cross to bear a heavy load

The beauty in the story told


Leave behind a starless night

Through grace appears Eternal Light

A Holy Treasure is received

The day the heart cries, “I Believe”.


The Garden, the lie, the fall, the goodbye

The hiding, the shame, the sorrow, the blame

The truth, the cost, the foolish, the lost

The choice, the sin, the struggles within

The dark, the light, the power, the might

The path made clear, the birth of fear

The boy, the girl, their broken world

The Love that saves, the bond man craves

The Son, The Cross, the death, the loss

The Risen, The Lamb, The Savior of Man

The promise revealed, the broken now healed

The old, the new, The Gospel, The Truth!