Siren’s Song

Venus-godnessMemory a song that plays

Whispers love through time and space

Like a dream that never ends

The mind forgets, she pretends

Words like whispers, hard to hear

Echo waves of roaring fear


A dance that will not forget

Tangled pieces of regret

Her will has not been her own,

Moved by destiny alone

She leaves behind what was lost,

She’ll not stop to count the cost


Melody drowns out the day,

On the wind, carried away

Shifting rythmes change her view

She listens to something new

Composition from the deep,

Wake the dreamer from her sleep


Distant drumming in her head

Moves her closer to the edge

One more step and she will fly

Far away from earth and sky

Into something new and bold,

Story she has never told


Listen to her sirens song,

She was singing all along

Her voice breaks the silent night,

Leads the lost into the light

Promise that she never claimed,

Remnant of her hidden shame


A new day like breaking dawn,

Making right what once was wrong

Growing with a steady beat

Victory replace defeat

She is morning shining bright

She is hope and endless light














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