This, the place I dare not go

This,  the face I dare not show

Here in the dark I’m torn apart

Here at the end my broken heart

This, the place I called my home

This, the place I first was known

Here is pain  and nothing more

Help me God to close this door

Give me strength to turn and leave

Give me strength to finally grieve

Hate must not be my final act

Keep me God from looking back

Lead me forward by your grace

Lead me to a better place

I give to you what I held dear

I turn to You and turn from fear

Jehova Rapha, God who heals

Lies and shame the Truth reveals

Death it steals the things we love

But help will come from God above

I am yours I love you still

Life obeys your sovereign will

Here is where I learn to trust

Here I see God good and just

I put to rest my former life

I surrender grief and strife

For You are love, good and true

You redeem the things we do

You make right was seems so wrong

When I am weak You are strong

This, the place I will begin

At the Cross new life in Him.













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