I died a thousand deaths

In pieces I fell down

Torn apart and broken

A king without a crown


The treasures buried deep

Once rained upon my head

But all that I did seek

Is buried now and dead


The past a bitter pill

Swallowed like regret

Shame that haunts the night

Guilt that won’t forget


The battle never won

the fight that rages still

a peace that hides away

the victim of my will


A violent rain that fell

I turned my face away

The memory repeats

The words I could not say.


Lord When will I be free

Once and for all be done

To lay it down at last

This race I should not run


 You are the light of dawn

The whisper on the wind

You are the waters edge

The beginning and the end


 I lived a beggar’s life

Turned away from grace

Now I will reach for you

And seek your holy face


Where I go you stand

A shepherd on the hill

My life is in your hands

I surrender to your will.









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